Welcome Back…its 2014

its 2014 and I feel like this year it will be a year of me blogging more about the things I like to chat about once in a while. Topics this year will include variety of sorts…technology, food, athletics, and other interesting one-off projects, that I will be doing. And, lets not forget about the music, there is always room for that in my heart. #epiclife

Project Quiet Room – Completed


Update:  The project has been completed. All of the equipment has been installed.

My new lab is installed under the stairs.  It consists of:

HP ProCurve switch (this is the only equipment that makes noise), next I ungraded my smoothwall hardware from Pentium 3 to IATX Intel motherboard.  This is a fan less  machine works great, and the form factor is amazing.

Next was the plan to consolidate USB hard drives, and migrate them to NAS storage.  Over the holidays I scored 2 WD My Cloud 4T devices for $200 each!  Wicked deal from Canada Computers.  The Drives replicate over the network, this provides good enough storage redundancy.

I also moved all the other devices, such as my weather station monitor, apple Extreme Access point, + my beats.to provisioning machine.

By doing this,  I have pretty quiet room where I can work in, accept its loud when I am playing music ;).

Project Daily Flyer

As you might know,  I have “probably” the largest index of Toronto flyers on line.  There are close to 7000 flyers that I have indexed, and they are on line @ www.beats.to. I have decided about 2 weeks ago, that I should post some super awesome flyer on line to the social media community.  I might post some of the gems on my blog as they come up.

Here is a little taste…

DESTINY 7 – Sicker from 1994

Destiny 7




Starting over

Due to maleware issues in my previous WP installation I was forced to delete the database and start new instance of my blog.  I hope that with all the security features in place I will not be hacked again.

I will be updating my mixes page very soon with some new content so stay tuned.  Also, don’t forget you can always follow me on twitter under @knockingsoul



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